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CAPM Certified Training

01. CAPM Course Overview

The Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) course gives beginners an overview of core project management philosophies and knowledge of the five process groups and ten knowledge areas prescribed by the Project Management Institute (PMI)®. An introductory lesson also prepares you for the CAPM certification exam. Project management is projected to create 15.7 million new jobs through 2020. This CAPM training will give you the vital skillsets to help distinguish you in the job market.

02. What are the course objectives?

Our CAPM® training program is designed to ensure that you pass the CAPM® exam on your first attempt and earn the required PDUs. Based on the PMBOK® Guide—Sixth Edition, the course delivers knowledge of the five process groups and ten knowledge areas prescribed by PMI®.
The CAPM® certification is valid across industries and is recognized worldwide. This certification will validate your fundamental knowledge of project management and its processes.

03. What skills will you learn?

By the end of this CAPM training, you will:

  • Learn the 10 project management knowledge areas, including integration, scope, time, cost, quality, human resources, communications, risk, procurement, and stakeholder management.

  • Develop the fundamentals of implementing standard processes and practices to be successful in your projects

  • Be able to demonstrate a strong commitment to the project management profession

  • Acquire the relevant knowledge and skills required to pass the CAPM® certification exam

  • Become an efficient project manager and become a valuable member of a project management team

04. Who should take this course?

The CAPM training program is ideal for professionals seeking to raise their skillsets to a new level in the growing field of project management. This certification is best suited for:

  • Project associates and executives

  • Any professional aspiring to start a career in project management

05. Course Content

Lesson 1: Introduction

  • Introduction to CAPM

  • Key Takeaways

Lesson 2: Introduction to project management

  • Introduction to Project Management

  • Project Management Process Groups

  • Project Management Processes

  • Process Groups ITTO

  • Portfolios Programs Stakeholders

Lesson 3: Project Environment

  • Project Environment

Lesson 4: Role of Project Manager

  • Role of the Project Manager

  • Code of Ethics

Lesson 5: Project Integration Management

  • Project Integration Management

  • Project Integration Management Knowledge Areas

  • Direct and Manage Project Work

  • Perform Integrated Change Control

  • Scenario 1 Project Integration Management

  • Scenario 2 Project Integration Management

Lesson 6: Project Scope Management

  • Project Scope Management

  • Project Scope Management in Planning Process Group

  • Project Scope Management in Monitoring and Controlling Process Group

  • Scenario 3 Project Scope Management

  • Scenario 4 Project Scope Management

Lesson 7: Project Schedule Management

  • Project Schedule Management

  • Project Schedule Management Processes

  • Schedule Network Analysis Techniques

  • Scenario 5 Project Schedule Management

Lesson 8: Project Cost Management

  • Project Cost Management

  • Earned Value Management

  • Scenario 6 Project Cost Management

  • Scenario 7 Project Cost Management

Lesson 9: Project Quality Management

  • Project Quality Management

  • Project Quality Management Processes

  • Quality Tools

  • Scenario 8 Project Quality Management

  • Scenario 9 Project Quality Management

Lesson 10: Project Resource Management

  • Project Resource Management

  • Team Dynamics

  • Organizational Theories and Leadership Styles

  • Scenario 10 Project Resource Management

  • Scenario 11 Project Resource Management

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