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Internet of Things Training

01. Course Overview

Internet of Things (IoT) is a biological community of associated physical articles that are open through the Internet. The “thing” in IoT could be a man with a heart screen or a car with worked in-sensors, i.e. objects that have been doled out an IP address and can gather and exchange information over a system without manual help or mediation. The implanted innovation in the articles causes them to associate with inward states or the outside condition, which thus influences the choices taken. This will guide you through the basic and advance of Internet of things so that you learn the most and grab the best oppurtunity for yourself.

02. Why Internet of Things?

IoT is fast catching up the attention of the world. There are many instances where the implementation of IoT is resulting in many benefits and advantages. We are currently in the world of devices, such as Desktop, Laptop, Mobile, Health Bands, etc. All these are interconnected using the Internet, resulting in deriving meaningful and actionable insights to be used for various business beneficial and crucial reasons. The number of devices, sensors, vehicles, mobiles, etc are growing at a very rapid pace and has never been at such velocity. The prediction of 50 billion of devices being interconnected by 2020 itself speaks volumes about the huge potential of opportunities this field is going to create.

03. Internet of Things Training in Punjab

9to5 Technologies delivers an in-depth best IoT training in Jalandhar. Students having IoT certification are able to secure a quick job in an MNC. Participants need to enroll in a best IoT training institute in Jalandhar to attain the skills involved in the technology. Our core strength is our trainers, who are expert professionals and veteran from the industry. At IoT institute in Jalandhar, our trainers have developed practical modules combining the syllabus (industry compliance). During the IoT course in Jalandhar, trainers create realistic situation using simulators and devices.

IoT training classes students are asked to take decision concerning to troubleshooting or managing the technology without interrupting the running business operations. Join the best IoT training in Jalandhar provided by 9to5 Technologies Jalandhar which equip participants with thorough information, knowledge and experience on the subject.

04. Job Scopes

Few of the highest paying job titles in IoT include:

  • IoT Product Managers. IOT product manager is the one who takes an action in execution part of the project. ...

  • IoT Architect : ...

  • IoT Developer. ...

  • Data Scientists. ...

  • IoT Cloud Engineer. ...

  • Industrial Engineer. ...

  • Industrial UI/UX designer 

05. Course Content


  • Case Studies from Nest, CISCO and top industries

  • IoT adaptation rate in North American & and how they are aligning their future business model and operation around IoT

  • Broad Scale Application Area

  • Smart house and smart city

  • Industrial Internet

  • Smart Cars

  • Wearables

  • Home healthcare

  • Business Rule generation for IoT

  • 3 layered architecture of Big Data –Physical (Sensors), Communication and Data Intelligence


  • Basic function and architecture of a sensor –Sensor body, sensor mechanism, sensor calibration, sensor maintenance, cost and pricing structure, legacy and modern sensor network- All basics about the sensors

  • Development of sensor electronics- IoT vs legacy and open source vs traditional PCB design style

  • Development of Sensor communication protocols –history to modern days. Legacy protocols like Modbus, relay, HART to modern day Zigbee, Zwave, X10,Bluetooth, ANT etc..

  • Business driver for sensor deployment- FDA/EPA regulation, Fraud/tempering detection, supervision, Quality control and process management

  • Different Kind of Calibration Techniques-manual, automation, infield, primary and secondary calibration –their implication in IoT

  • Powering options for sensors-Battery, solar, Witricity. Mobile and PoE


  • What is a sensor network? What is Ad-hoc network ?

  • Wireless vs. Wireline network

  • WiFi- 802.11 families: N to S- application of each standards and common vendors.

  • Zigbee and Zwave-advantage of low power mesh networking. Long distance Zigbee. Introduction to different Zigbee chips:

  • Bluetooth/BLE: Low power vs high power, speed of detection, class ofBLE. Introduction of Bluetooth vendors & their review :

  • Creating network with Wireless protocols such as Piconet by BLE

  • Protocol stacks and packet structure for BLE and Zigbee

  • Other long distance RF communication link

  • LOS vs NLOS links

  • Sensor network packet architecture

  • Capacity and throughput calculation

  • Application issues in wireless protocols- power consumption, reliability, PER, QoS, LOS


  • PCB vs FPGA vs ASIC design-how to take decision

  • Prototyping electronics vs Production electronics

  • QA certificate for IoT- CE/CSA/UL/IEC/RoHS/IP65: What are those and

  • Basic introduction of multi-layer PCB design and its workflow when needed?

  • Electronics reliability-basic concept of FIT and early mortality rate

  • Environmental and reliability testing-basic concepts

  • Basic Open source platforms: Adruino, Rasberry Pi, Beaglebone, RedBack, Diamond Back


  • State of the present art and review of existing technology in the marketplace

  • Suggestion for new features and technologies based on market analysis and patent issues

  • Detailed technical specs for new products- System, software, hardware, mechanical, installation etc.

  • Packaging and documentation requirements

  • Servicing and customer support requirements

  • High level design (HLD) for understanding of product concept

  • Release plan for phase wise introduction of the new features

  • Skill set for the development team and proposed project plan -cost & duration

  • Target manufacturing price


  • Protocol stack of Mobile app for IoT

  • Fundamentals of WAP ( Wireless application protocols)

  • Mobile to server integration –what are the factors to look out

  • What are the intelligent layer that can be introduced at Mobile app level ?

  • iBeacon in IoS

  • Global vs Local ID-GUID concept for secured IoT network

  • IoT-Middleware case study-1 Axeda

  • IoT Middleware case study-2 Xively


  • Introduction to Machine learning

  • Learning classification techniques

  • Bayesian Prediction-preparing training file

  • Support Vector Machine

  • Image and video analytic for IoT

  • Fraud and alert analytic through IoT

  • Bio –metric ID integration with IoT

  • Real Time Analytic/Stream Analytic

  • Scalability issues of IoT and machine learning

  • What are the architectural implementation of Machine learning for IoT


  • Insight analytic

  • Visualization analytic

  • Structured predictive analytic

  • Unstructured predictive analytic

  • Recommendation Engine

  • Pattern detection

  • Rule/Scenario discovery –failure, fraud, optimization

  • Root cause discovery


  • Iaas : Information as a service-evolving models

  • Mechanism of security breach in IOT layer for Iaas

  • Middleware for Iaas business implementation in healthcare, homeautomation and farming

  • Iaas case study for vehicular information for Auto-insurance and Agriculture

  • Paas: Platform as a service in IoT. Case studies of some of the IoT middleware

  • Saas : Software/System as service for IoT business models

  • European legislation for security in IoT platform

  • Firewalling and IPS

  • Updates and patches


  • SQL vs NoSQL-Which one is good for your IoT application

  • Open sourced vs. Licensed Database

  • Available M2M cloud platform

  • Basic functionality of IoT cloud platform

  • Real Time Analytic

  • Batch Analytic

  • Data storage

  • Data filtering

  • Rule engine

  • Process mapping

  • Caching of Data for IoT rule implementation

  • Lossless data compression /Data encoding : Huffman and Progressive filtering

  • Xively/ Omeg/Ayla/Libellium/CISCO M2M platform /AT &T M2M platform/ Google M2M platform


  • Home automation

  • Energy optimization in Home

  • Automotive-OBD /Iaas/Paas for Insurance and Car parking

  • IoT-Lock

  • Smart Smoke alarm

  • BAC ( Blood alcohol monitoring ) for drug abusers under probation

  • Pet cam for Pet lovers

  • Wearable IOT

  • Mobile parking ticketing system

  • Indoor location tracking in Retail store

  • Home health care

  • Smart Sports Watch


  • 4V- Volume, velocity, variety and veracity of Big Data

  • Why Big Data is important in IoT

  • Big Data vs legacy data in IoT

  • Fundamental of Map reduced system (MR)

  • Hadoop and HDFS

  • Kafka for data messaging and brokerage

  • Storm/Bolt/Spout-fundamentals of real time analytic system

  • Storage technique for image, Geospatial and video data

  • Distributed database like Cassandra and HDFS

  • Parallel computing basics for IoT

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