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Advanced automation with selenium 4.0

01. Selenium Course Overview

This Selenium 3.0 certification training course helps you gain an in-depth knowledge of concepts such as WebDriver, TestNG, Wait, Locating Techniques, AutoIT, Sikuli, Page Object Design Pattern, mobile testing, and Selenium Grid. This Selenium 3.0 certification features real-world examples to train you to use Selenium WebDriver effectively.

02. What is Selenium?

Selenium is basically an open source framework that facilitates testing of web applications. Since selenium is open source in nature, there is no licensing cost involved in it. Manual testing of software applications is a tedious process; selenium definitely makes this job easier.

03. Selenium Training in Punjab

9to5 provides unarguably the best Selenium Training in Jalandhar. And with passing time, more and more people have begun to recognize the potential of training in selenium. The popularity of selenium is definitely higher than many other IT courses. But the question that arises here is that what makes selenium so popular and why so many people look for selenium certification training in jalandhar. The most straight-forward answer to this question is the growing popularity of software applications in the present-day scenario. And software companies are always in search of people having expertise in this area. As a direct result, people today have begun to show much more interest in this area than they did some years back. With a highly pertinent and practical selenium training in jalandhar, you will be able to scale dizzy heights in this field of career. Now, let’s have a look at some really amazing reasons why you should enroll for selenium training in Jalandhar at 9to5 technologies.

04. Job Opportunities for Software Testing Experts

The growing demand for selenium is pretty visible to people associated with the world of IT. It is because of the amount of comfort ability it offers in the matter of software testing is simply matchless. And because the use of software applications has grown by leaps and bounds, the parallel increase of the popularity of automation software testing tools like selenium is pretty obvious. If you too want to capitalize on such popularity of this course, then joining 9to5 for a selenium course would be the best bet. 9to5 offers Classroom Training, Online Training, and Corporate training at reasonable prices as per industry needs and demands. And guess what, you also receive amazing placement assistance.

05. First Course Contents: Quality Assurance

Session: 1

Selenium Introduction


Brush up Java Concepts for Selenium Automation

Session: 3

Learn Core java in Depth

Session: 4

Configuring Selenium and Running Tests on All Browsers

Session: 5

Locator Techniques& Tools used to identify Objects

Session: 6
Popular Interview Questions on Selenium Basics


Selenium Webdriver->Techniques to automate Web elements


Synchronization usage in Selenium webdriver


Techniques to automate Ajax calls,Child Windows and IFrames


Real Time Exercises (end to end Programming)


Practical problems and Methods to Handle them with Selenium


Famous Interview Questions


Cross Browser Testing with Selenium Grid


Cloud Testing with Selenium-Sauce Labs


Performance Testing on Selenium Testcases


Selenium . -Mobile Automation Testing Basics


Framework Part – – TestNG


Framework Part – -Data driven Framework


Framework part – ANT-Build Management Tool


Framework Part – -Generating XSLT Reports


Framework Part – -Jenkins- CI Tool


Maven- Build Management tool


Logging Framework – log j


Pageobject Pattern & page Factory


Data driving from Excel for feeding data


DataBase connection to Selenium Testcases


Java OOPS Basics for Selenium


Advanced Java- Collections API


Cucumber Behaviour Driven Data -Framework


Selenium Multiple Choice Question for Interview

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